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Press Release 28.05.14

Support Stafford Hospital are aware that an individual member of the community has applied for legal aid to fund a judicial review (the second,) into the decision by the Secretary of State for Health to dissolve the Mid Staffordshire Trust. This is based upon legal advice they have received and they are rightly being supported by their friends, some of whom are members of our group.

Both before and since the Secretary of State’s decision, SSH have worked hard to scrutinise the process and final decision. We have also taken legal advice and opinion from solicitors and a QC, all of which led the group to agree that our best course of action, on behalf of the community and staff, is to pursue other legal options, including a possible future judicial review into other aspects of the ongoing process or other legal devices which may be available. We are continuing to actively explore these options, whilst scrutinising the ongoing transition of governance of the Trust and campaigning for increased transparency and equal representation on the new trust board.

Sue Hawkins,

Chair of Support Stafford Hospital Group.

Second Judicial Review Apllication - Click here

Press release re News of Judicial Review

Support Stafford Hospital are aware that Kate Godfrey (Labour PPC,)  will lodge papers today in the Court Of Appeal calling for a judicial review into the decision by the Secretary of State for Health to dissolve the Mid Staffordshire Trust.

Both before and since the Secretary of State’s decision, SSH have worked hard to scrutinise the process and final decision. We have also taken legal advice and opinion from solicitors and a QC, all of which led the group to agree that our best course of action, on behalf of the community and staff, is to pursue other legal options, including a possible future judicial review into other aspects of the ongoing process or other legal devices which may be available. We are continuing to actively explore these options, whilst scrutinising the ongoing transition of governance of the Trust and campaigning for increased transparency and equal representation on the new trust board.

Sue Hawkins
Chair of Support Stafford Hospital Group

Kate's statement - Click here



Public Consultation announced on future of Cannock Minor Injuries Unit: -Click here


Simon Stevens New NHS England Chief Exec.

The merger or closure of small hospitals might not be the best way forward for an already “centralised” English NHS, Simon Stevens has told the Commons health committee. -Read More article


Stafford Paediatric Report

Figures were Flawed !


The BBC has been shown what are believed to be the latest agreed figures, which show around 3,000 more episodes of activity. - see article



MP Says TSA Proposals On Children’s Services Should Be Reviewed Due To Inaccurate Information

"The best course of action, as I have proposed in writing to the Secretary of State, would be for the review into consultant-led maternity services by NHS England, commissioned by him, to be widened to include all children's services currently provided at Stafford. NHS England need to conduct this review as a matter of urgency."

Jeremy Lefroy April 2014

Full Statement here


Stafford Hospital: Treatment figures cut from report

Michele PaduanoBy Michele PaduanoBBC Midlands health correspondent

BBC report Click Here



Balloon Race 19th April - Photos


the Easter bunny visits Shugborough Ward




16.04.2014 Transition Board for Mid Staffs

"Former East of England Strategic Health Authority chief executive Sir Neil McKay will chair a “local transition board” to ensure the plan agreed by the secretary of state was complied with.

Mr Hudson said Sir Neil’s board would comprise commissioners and the two inheritor trusts and that the funding for the re-organisation of services was dependent on the plan being followed."



10.04.14 Council gives support for Legal Challenge to keep services in Stafford.


A special meeting of Stafford Borough Council tonight (Thursday) gave unanimous cross-party approval to a motion to provide funds for legal challenges, including judicial review if necessary, to plans to downgrade Stafford Hospital, as approved by the Health Secretary Jeremy Hunt.  Councillors did not specify any cap on the funds available.  There were 49 council members present.
Support Stafford Hospital continues to work hard to provide evidence to challenge the decisions on downgrading  Maternity, Children's Ward, Critical Care and A & E, and is currently taking legal advice over the best moves forward. 
SSH Chair Sue Hawkins said: "This is welcome news and it is good to know that the whole council supports us, irrespective of party politics. Stafford Hospital has turned itself around in recent years thanks to our wonderful loyal staff and we will fight to ensure the best possible outcome for our hospital and community".

Serious Concerns are developing over the plans that UHNS have for Stafford Hospital Site. Meetings with Staff have led to concerns over the complete downgrading of Medical services and no Critical Care.

The Statement by UHNS on the matter fail to deal with the issue by using broad phrases and no detail.

Consultant Led maternity (Obstetrics) is also thought to be under threat despite a review planned where NHS England would review the safety and need for a full unit in Stafford.

The CCG statement in repsonse to the growing unrest, also fails to be clear.


We are unaware of any proposals which change the requirements of the Secretary of State and will continue to work with our partners and University Hospital of North Staffordshire and Royal Wolverhampton Hospitals Trust to implement the elements of the recommendations which it is possible to implement, to ensure safe, quality services for our patients."
Statement from: Stafford and Surrounds CCG Chief Officer Andrew Donald Stafford and Surrounds Chair Dr Anne-Marie Houlder Cannock Chase Chair Dr Johnny McMahon

So even one of the Authors doesnt know what it means!






Press Statement - re Obstetric Review

The Support Stafford Hospital Group are concerned that UHNS are planning to conduct their own review of obstetrics when The Secretary of State for Health has already commissioned an independent review.
We strongly believe that any review undertaken by UHNS should be carried out by a team that also involves relevant clinicians from Stafford Hospital, not just UHNS clinicians. If this does not occur there will be no confidence in it being an objective review, as UHNS have been consistent in their view that consultant led obstetrics at Stafford Hospital is neither financially or clinically viable.

We are also very concerned that the review's recommendations will be considered by the existing UHNS Board in May, a Board that presently has no formal participation of local people who represent the communities served by Stafford Hospital.
 read UHNS release.
> http://www.uhns.nhs.uk/AboutUs/News/Markinganeweraforpatientsandstaff.aspx

New Events 26th April & 3rd May 2014

Campaign Shop has moved to Crabbery Street 25th March 2014

Campaign  Shop Opening Times

Download The Balloon Poster Here



09.03.2014 Statement re Sunday Politics Show BBC



Support Stafford Hospital is concerned that the impression may have been given on the BBC Midlands Sunday Politics programme and its website that our campaign collectively has joined forces with, or supported, the proposed new National Health Action Party activity in  Stafford. We have always been an apolitical, cross-party group with no affiliation. Members can - and do - form political allegiances to whatever party they choose but the campaign transcends this.  It may well be, as was said in a soundbite in the report, that people will welcome the aspirations of the new party in the privacy of the ballot box but the campaign actively supports no party.

Maurice Blisson Press Officer

Sue Hawkins Chair Support Stafford Hospital

Lists of where services are provided now and where they will be provided in the future,

as signed off by Monitor and the Secretary of State

, have been printed this week in the Staffordshire Newsletter and Thursdays edition of the Express and Star by Jeremy Lefroy MP. You can Click Here to see these lists. 


7.3.14 New Blog Post


SSH Press Release

Whilst we welcome the Secretary of State's announcement of a review into consultant-led maternity provision at Stafford Hospital, we are concerned that consultant-led paediatrics will have no such review. Our community has campaigned tirelessly for both these consultant -led services on the grounds of safety and feel that the proposed changes, which have not been risk assessed, pose a serious threat to life. We are also still concerned over what level of critical care and 24hr A&E provision will be delivered at Stafford Hospital. We are pleased to note that services may not be moved until the local commissioners are satisfied that there is sufficient capacity elsewhere.

50,000 members of our community marched last April to show their support for Acute Services at Stafford Hospital, over 56,000 have signed the petition and many have shared their concerns regarding the increase of inequalities if these changes are implemented. Our community's voice must be heard.

Looking forward from today, we must ensure that the needs of this community are fully met. It is essential that we have just representation at Board level and local, quality, safe acute services


DEPARTMENT OF HEALTH Minister of State for NHS Delivery Mid-Staffordshire NHS Foundation Trust Special Administration Wednesday 26th February 2014

The Secretary of State for Health (Mr Jeremy Hunt):

I wish to inform the House that I have made a decision regarding the action recommended by the Trust Special Administrators (TSAs) of Mid-Staffordshire NHS Foundation Trust (Mid Staffs, or the trust), as I am required to do by section 65KB of the National Health Service Act 2006 (the 2006 Act).

A document setting out in more detail the reasons for my decision is available in the Library.

Local people suffered too much for too long under a system which ignored appalling failures of care in their local hospital. They now deserve to know that same system has learned the lessons and is guaranteeing high-quality, safe services for local people. The proposals I am accepting today will provide just this.

The strength of public interest in the TSAs’ work, and the huge response to their consultation exercise, is a testimony to the great commitment local people have to the future of their hospitals.

I must also commend the trust’s staff, who have helped turn around the quality of care provided at Mid Staffs, and who in recent months have continued to provide quality services in the face of great uncertainty about the trust’s future. The interest, support and contributions of honourable members have also been extremely valuable. In particular, the way in which the Hon Member for Stafford has championed the interests of local people at every stage of the process has been remarkable. I believe the proposals I am accepting today will bring about improvements for local people that reflect his continued concern for patient welfare and the future of Stafford Hospital.

Today’s announcement secures a first-rate offer for local patients – something they were denied for too long. Great strides have been made towards improvement in recent years but the challenges remain stark. Without over £20m in subsidy funding from the Department of Health in 2012 and 2013, the trust would have been unable to pay its staff and suppliers. At the same time, a number of services are being operated with consultant numbers below Royal College guidelines, and the trust has experienced on-going challenges in recruiting and retaining staff. Patients deserve high quality services, which are clinically sustainable.

Today’s announcement provides an assurance that the solution to the Trusts’ financial and clinical problems will deliver safe and high quality services, now and into the future. I know that the TSAs and local stakeholders have worked hard to develop a set of recommendations which will achieve this.

Having considered the TSAs’ proposals in detail, I confirm I am satisfied on each of the points set out in section 65KB of the legislation, and therefore support the action recommended by the TSAs. I am also satisfied that, in accordance with my request, the TSAs have undertaken a thorough analysis and taken account appropriately of the issues regarding the four tests for reconfiguration. I am pleased that, after a long period of instability, we are able to offer the local population of Mid Staffordshire the certainty it so desperately needs.

Before turning to the detail of the proposals, I would like to remind the House of the background to the administration process at Mid Staffs. Monitor appointed an independent Contingency Planning Team (CPT) to the trust in October 2012. In January 2013, the CPT concluded in a report for Monitor that Mid Staffs was neither clinically nor financially sustainable in its current form. In a subsequent report the CPT advised that neither the Trust nor local commissioners would be able to deliver the changes required, and consequently recommended the appointment of administrators. On the basis of the CPT’s conclusions, Monitor appointed TSAs to Mid Staffs with effect from 16 April 2013. Since taking up their role, the TSAs have found no reason to dispute the CPT’s conclusions regarding the trust’s sustainability, and their analysis has only strengthened the case for change.

Since April the TSAs have been working with the trust, local commissioners and providers, and a wide range of other stakeholders, in order to develop a solution for the services at Mid Staffs. The TSAs’ final report, which has been approved by Monitor, was submitted to me on 16 January.

The TSAs’ report recommends that Mid-Staffordshire NHS Foundation Trust is dissolved, and that Stafford and Cannock Chase Hospitals are operated by other local providers. It is vital that this structural change is made as soon as possible to stabilise local health services. The TSAs have also proposed a clinical model for the services currently provided by the trust, which their independent Clinical Advisory Group (made up of leading clinicians from the Royal Colleges) has confirmed will be clinically safe. I am pleased that under this model the majority of patient visits, approximately 90%, will continue to take place at Stafford and Cannock hospitals. I also welcome the enhancements proposed for a number of current services, for example, the inclusion of specialist frail and elderly support within the Medical Assessment Unit at Stafford. All of this will contribute to a much improved offer for local people.

However, to ensure this improved offer, it is clearly not possible for all of Mid Staffs’ services to go on as they are, and therefore the TSAs’ recommendations will mean moving a small minority of services away from Stafford hospital. Local people can be reassured that local commissioners would need to be satisfied that there is sufficient capacity available elsewhere before moving services. In parallel, I am asking NHS England to identify whether consultant-led obstetrics could be sustained at Mid Staffs in a safe way in the future. In doing this, NHS England will work with local commissioners as part of their wider review of the local health economy.

The TSAs’ report also identifies the funding required to support this model and I am satisfied that, in light of intervention from the NHS Commissioning Board (also known as NHS England) in the form of time limited funding, and a commitment from commissioners to deliver further savings during and following implementation, the recommended clinical model is affordable in the medium term and, subject to the actions of local commissioners, can be a financially sustainable one. My Rt. Hon friend the Chief Secretary to the Treasury has expressed his support for my acceptance of the proposals.

On this basis I am content for the proposals to proceed to implementation. I would like to emphasise the critical role commissioners have in this process, and in particular their commissioning freedom to build upon the TSAs’ recommendations, such as in maternity, where they consider this is to be sustainable and in the interests of patients. Local commissioners will also oversee and monitor local service changes as part of their on-going commissioning responsibilities, including, where going beyond the recommendations, undertaking further public engagement where appropriate.

I therefore ask that local commissioners, local providers and all other local organisations work together during the coming months and years to implement the proposed changes, with appropriate involvement from NHS England and other national bodies, in order to secure the high quality services that the people of Mid Staffordshire deserve.

Stafford GP's DONT SHOW support for the CCG's position with the TSA Plan

(71 out of 98) 81% of GP's said No or Chose Not to return their prepaid Ballot paper to the MP and Council.

For Cannock only 10 out of 77 - 13% Support the plans.


Press Release from Support Stafford Hospital

Of the 98 GPs in Stafford and Surrounds, only 19 responded in support of the downgrading of acute services at Stafford Hospital and proposed changes to Cannock Hospital. Of the 77 GPs represented by Cannock Chase Clinical Commissioning Group, only 10 responded supporting the Trust Special Administrators' recommendations.

It is very concerning that only 19% of Stafford GPs and only 13% of Cannock GPs chose to support their CCGs' official position on the matter.

What is even more concerning is our understanding that the Local Medical Committee, which represents individual GPs, actively advised its GP membership to consider not responding to the ballot.

If the CCGs truly represent the views of their local GPs, why was this necessary?

Could it be that the CCGs do not accurately reflect the views of their membership when it comes to the future of Stafford and Cannock Hospitals?

Until the CCGs can clearly demonstrate, with supported evidence, that they fully represent the views of the membership, we do not believe the Secretary of State for Health can legally approve the recommendations within the framework of the tests that need to be met before any reconfiguration can proceed.


Doctors snub MPs' vote on hospital plans

STAFFORD MP Jeremy Lefroy said he was disappointed after doctors snubbed a vote on plans for Stafford Hospital. Just over a quarter of the borough's doctors...

Read more: http://www.staffordshirenewsletter.co.uk/news#ixzz2tbLZwpYj






Support Stafford Hospital meet the Shadow Health Secretary Andy Burnham.

Good to meet and hear @AndyBurnhamMP supporting district general hospitals providing acute care.

Stafford Hospital needs 24/7 A&E says Shadow Minister

click here


In a low key visit to the Health Faculty on Blackheath Lane, Labour’s Andy Burnham MP, has pledged to continue backing the Support Stafford Hospital campaign.

The Shadow Health Secretary was visiting students and staff at the faculty’s facilities, and addressing members of the SSH ( Support Stafford Hospital ) campaign group about the hospital’s plight.

As he spoke with the media, Mr.Burnham told Stafford FM, “I don’t believe what the government have placed on the table is good enough.” He went on to say, “Stafford people deserve so much more. When you look at the town geographically, Stafford warrants it’s own services.”

Stafford FM Radio


GP's asked to vote YES or NO over administrator's plans for Stafford Hospital

Read more: 


Open Meeting with the CCG Stafford Gatehouse Theatre Jan 2014

Newsletter Storify Here

AN OPEN LETTER TO JEREMY HUNT Secretary of State - Click Here








Debate in Parliament on the TSA Report

- Click here for Storify by Robin Scott

Debate in Parliament transcript Click here



Support Stafford Hospital go to Downing Street

We met with Nick Seddon the Prime Ministers Health Advisor to raise the concerns of our Community.

Blog update 23.12.2013

Support Stafford Hospital: 'remember the 50,000 people who took to the streets'

Campaign group Support Stafford Hospital are calling on local medical teams to make decisions reflecting the needs of the local community. They stress that today's announcements are recommendations.


Jeremy Lefroy MP pays tribute to Stafford Hospital campaigners but says fight is not over

Read more: 

We will 'exhaust every avenue' in fight to retain acute services,...

Read more: http://www.staffordshirenewsletter.co.uk/news#ixzz2nqjFtpOP


TSA Publishes Final Report Wed 18th Dec 2013

Final report documents

Volume one – Main report sets out the TSAs’ final recommendations.

Volume two (Parts A – E) – The consultation on the TSAs’ draft recommendations

Main Changes to the draft report are

  • Level 3 Critical Care Unit to look after patients in Stafford Hospital run to National Standards
  • Paediatric Assessment Unit in A&E - PAEDIATRICS REMOVED
  • Midwife led maternity MLU service - OBSTERICS REMOVED

However many Other Questions are being rasied about the makeup of Surgical Services, trauma, and minor surgery to which we need answers.

The process is probably to take at least until October 2014 to merge Stafford with UHNS

and Cannock Hospital with Wolverhampton.

then we are told a three year process to reconfigure the services on all sites.

Supporting Documents are available below.

Part A contains

  • An overview of the consultation process
  • A copy of the consultation document
  • Copies of all Frequently Asked Questions published by the TSAs with respect to the consultation

Part B contains responses from National Bodies, Royal Colleges and Professional Bodies, NHS Commissioners, NHS Providers, Independent Providers, Politicians and Local Authorities and Councillors

Part C contains responses from Local Authorities and Councillors (continued), Unions, Education and Staff

Part D contains responses from Staff (continued), MSFT Governors, Patient Groups, Community Groups and Other Stakeholders.

Part E contains

-       An unedited copy of the Ipsos MORI report summarising all consultation responses

-       The TSAs’ response to the consultation feedback

Health and Social Impact paper

Report Stage..The Final report as it goes to the Secretary of State who has to make a decision before the 22nd february 2014






SSH Events - See Events page

from the 14th - 30th November Stafford Santa Parade on Saturday 23rd November Victorian Market 30th November Market Square 3-5 pm on Saturday 14th December

Silent Auction 16th - 7th December 2013 - FNISHED - Click here for the Winners.


Keogh Emergency Care Report Out 13.11.13


Latest CCG Meeting with the public - News page



Stafford Hospital campaigners aim to boost 'fighting fund' with community events

Written byRobin Scott Read more: 


Campaign shop - Items for Sale




Administrators go into Overtime to reach financial agreement over plans for Stafford Hospital !

News page

In a statement issued today, Monitor said it had laid an order in Parliament extending administrators’ time from 15-55 days, to secure an agreement over future funding arrangements between local commissioners, NHS England, University Hospitals of North Staffordshire NHS Trust and the NHS Trust Development Authority.

CCG Meeting

@StaffordCCG :

12th October 2013 March for Children - Thank You's


Jeremy Lefroy MP Alternative Proposal

Click Here to read the Proposal from Jeremy Lefroy.

CCG response to Consultation

Click here for the CCG response

the Cannock Chase CCG have submitted a similar response.

UHNS response is available here

Support Stafford Hospital MARCH on MANCHESTER

The campaign group has not rested on its laurels and rose early the next day to travel to Manchester to join the North West TUC's Save Our NHS rally to tell other NHS campaigners what was happening in Stafford.

They met Andy Burnham


"I don't think everyone else realises what's coming to them," she said. "If they realised they would all be standing up with us, because it's going to be their hospital next. 

"We're not giving up," said Mrs Porter. "We're not walking away from this because if we do they have won and they can't win because this is our hospital and this is our NHS. We have got to stay strong."

See more on the March later..

Thank You All For Marching

Panorama Click On Picture Above To See More. Or Click Here To See More March Photos


David Cameron on BBCRadio Stoke Wants Services to Stay Local !

listen Here

***Important ***

News Report from CCG meeting with the Public

Click Here



New Summary Presentation on Paediatric services - Click Here

(powerpoint presentation with music)


Health Secretary

jeremyhuntHealth Secretary will ask Monitor to ensure 50,000 Stafford people's voices are heard

Written by Robin Scott

SECRETARY of State for Health Jeremy Hunt will request Monitor ensure the views of 50,000 Stafford people are taken into account when the final decision is made about the future of the county town’s hospital. Full Story Here


Stafford Hospital plans 'on weak foundations', says council report

Person walking into Stafford Hospital in February 2013
Continue reading the main story BBC News

Plans to downgrade services at Stafford Hospital are "poorly judged" and "based on weak foundations", a report for Stafford Borough Council has said.

Trust Special Administrators (TSA) have said Mid Staffordshire NHS Trust should be dissolved, with some of its services being taken on by nearby hospitals.

Research by consultants Durrow for the council claims the TSA had not properly considered the plans' costs.

The TSA said all responses will be considered for a final recommendation.


Council Durrow report Available here (within Agenda after TSA report section)

Public Consultation -All Meetings now Finished

Public thanked for their support over Stafford Hospital -

A senior health boss described as ‘truly unbelievable’ the support given to stricken Stafford Hospital, which is fighting to keep its acute services.

Maggie Oldham, chief executive of Mid Staffordshire NHS Foundation Trust, thanked staff and campaigners for the commitment and confidence they had shown in the work of the trust.

“It has meant an awful lot to us and we thank you for your continuing trust in us. It is very much appreciated,” she told the Annual Members Meeting held at Stafford Hospital.

Consultation Response Form - Please Fill one in.

Members of the public are encouraged to have their say by attending one of the public meetings and by completing the consultation response form . - Available

Online -

from the Campaign Shop in the Guildhall Stafford.

From Libraries and GP Surgeries


Stafford six-year-old writes to The Queen to plead for hospital services that saved her life

A SIX-YEAR-OLD Stafford girl who has to use a wheelchair because of a rare genetic disorder she suffers has written to the Queen to ask for her help to save services at Stafford Hospital.

Full Story Written byRobin Scott


Stafford Hospital Maternity recommendations show 'complete disregard' for local women, says leading midwife

Written by Robin Scott


Thank You for Attending the public meetings so far

PUBLIC MEETING 7th August 2013

- You were There!

1500+ showed their Support at the

County Showground

Stafford Responds to the TSA

News Page

Tsa Response Form Click Here


What does the Draft Proposal Say ?

The Proposal released today contains the blueprint for how the Hospital services and structure will look if the Secretary of State agrees it.

  1. Summary of Recommendations (60 pages)
  2. Full Document Here (186 pages)
  3. Appendices Here

The overall view is:

for each individual service the effects are below: Full Service Review - Click here

Maternity Unit- REMOVED

Paediatrics In-Patients- REMOVED No Paediatricians !


Gynaecology - Staying

Haematology - Staying - TSA yet to give any detail if it is to be reduced

Endoscopy - Staying

Health Care of the Elderly - Staying

Speciality work

ENT - Staying Day Case ?? all Childrens ENT will be removed.


Don't be Mislead by the TSA Document- This seems to be the reality:

90% of patients will be seen as before - Rubbish ! Most visits are Outpatients Clinic Visits. Most procedures will be done elsewhere.

Zero Percent of Maternity Unit care!

Zero Percent of Emergency Surgical Theatre Care!

Zero Percent of Intensive Care!

No Paediatric Doctors or Inpatients!

There is a lot of confusion contained in the documents and only through consultation will it be clear as to what is actually proposed.

The "Devil is in the Detail" as they say and WHERE IS THE DETAIL ?

Our Services are under Threat

- Have Your Say -


Be There





Services at Risk

A Description of the Current Services and what might be affected by the TSA's Plans - Click here

Starting the Consultation debates...

RCN Press Release


Public march 20th April 2013


50,000 have Marched for Acute Services.

Now let each and every one of us write to the Administrators and the Prime Minister to tell them why we marched and why we want to retain Acute Services at Stafford Hospital.


Letter templates are here


Email Address for the Administrator


Send them your Pictures of the Rally and Thoughts,

Tell them why Stafford needs Acute Services

(if it doest work then use
in your email software)


Message to the Administrator and CCG

Listen to the People!


It's the single most spectacular turnout I have ever seen at a public demonstration in my political life in terms of anything of this kind of importance,”

-Mr Bill Cash MP link


We think this is

The Biggest Demonstration

Stafford has ever Seen


We think this is the

Biggest Demonstration

held for a

Single Hospital in the NHS


Twice the size of Lewishams recent Demo /Five times the size of Kidderminister Hospital demonstration.


March Videos and Articles

it took 5 Videos to observe the People walking out of town to the hospital !! Click Here



Make your representatives aware of your views

Template Letters now available...


Sign The Petition - Click Here Petiton Sheet for download


 Support Stafford Hospital Poster Campaign  Shop Opening Times

1 Year Since the

50 000 Public March

20th April 2013




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